How my new business on Gold Coast uses solar panels

In the wake of the global energy crisis and the expenses of artificial lighting arrangements, new ways and technology have been introduced in order to cater to the needs of individuals as well as corporate sector. Among many other ways, the use of solar energy has become the talk of the town as it is equally beneficial for both the domestic and the commercial purposes.

In addition, it is not only helpful for the businesses within the cities but you can also have solar panel working if you have your business in coastal area. This solves a lot of problems of new businessmen who want to make a convincing start if their career. Yes! You may ask “how my new business on gold coast uses solar panels? That is a very valid query and you may find the options below:

You can either have a battery operated solar panel for your coastal business or have a solar system which works without batteries. This means that even if your business operates on the grid supply, there can be a solar system as an alternative just in case there is a power failure from the grid. This comes in handy especially if your business is located on coastal area in the rural region.

If you go for the option of a grid-tied system backed up by batteries, you will not be required to have a number of batteries and there are reduced maintenance costs. Such backup systems do not occupy a lot of space either. But then, it does not make much sense to invest in the business solar solar panels if you are already connected to the main grid and for the same reason, the small sized business units would find it difficult to make double investments. Especially if you are using the guys from First Choice Solar, but it doesn’t really matter. There are many other techs who install solar systems for small and medium businesses on the gold coast, too.

On the other hand, if you opt for the alternative method which comes in the form of a battery system independent of the grid supply, your life will be much easier as your business will not be dependent on the electricity grid and you will have the most natural source of energy from sun directly. You can enjoy the benefits of nature without any limits.

However, in this case you need to have a whole efficient system for ventilation and adjustment of batteries. In addition, there are some associated maintenance costs which you will have to bear every 6 to 10 depending upon the condition of the batteries.

How to find out if you solar installer cheated on you

solar panels already installed

With the prices going up for electricity and fuel, it is becoming more and more interesting to have solar panels installed on your property.

However, it is a huge investment, and if your savings on electricity are not as high as expected, you may start suspecting a fraud.

Did your solar installer in Perth just cheat you? How do you find out?

#1: Check If Your Panels Were Installed

Unfortunately, it has happened to a lot of people that they paid for an installation — or paid half up front — but the promised work never took place.

Check your property to see if the solar panels were installed.

If they are not there, check your contract. When did the installer promise that the work would be finished?

In case the deadline has been reached, you should contact your installer as soon as possible.

In most cases, however, you will find that the solar panels were installed as promised.

#2: Examine the Panels

An easy way to cheat would be to promise the best quality material, yet deliver a lower quality.

So examine the panel. Look for scratches on the glass, chipped solar cells, color deviations, unaligned solar cell strings, external particles and spots. All these are signs of problems. If you see anything that shouldn’t be there – call your installer in Perth.

You also have to check the barcodes. You will need those in case of an insurance claim, so check if they easily come off when you rub them with alcohol. If they do, it is a sign that your installer has used solar cells from a manufacturer who uses cheap labels. Ask them to replace the barcodes.

#3: Check The Voltage

You can use a voltmeter to check if the performance is as promised by the manufacturer. If it isn’t, it might be a sign that you were indeed cheated.

#4: Ask An Expert

If everything looks nice, but you are still not sure, call an expert. There are issues that only an expert can discover, and it will require special technology to discover them.

What To Do If You Find A Problem

First, send a message to your installer and ask him what is going on. Maybe they can explain what happened.

If your messages remain unanswered, and the solar installer does not reply to your phone calls or emails, they may be a fraud and you may have been cheated.

Why I mess up almost any home building project – and how you can do better

A home remodeling or renovation project is not as simple as it may sound. Renovating a building is not simply all about how it will look or function, but most significantly you have to consider what kind of materials are used during the renovation, how are you going to deal with your suppliers and contractors, etc. These of course will be handled by the person who will manage the project. Thus before a renovation project starts, one of the most vital decisions to be made is who will manage the project.

You can either employ a professional who will do the work or alternatively, you can handle the project yourself. If you choose to manage the work yourself, make sure that you have sufficient experience to deal with this. Here are points on why I mess up almost any home building project – and how you can do better.

1. Inadequate Planning

Producing a good plan is a important part of your role as a project manager. The success of the project mostly depend on this. Your plan must include as much detail as possible. You have to consider planning for contingencies as well.

2. Poor Materials Management

Buying of the right materials at the right time is a huge job during renovation. Think about this job properly, as it can be the reason of delay to your schedule. You can also get additional cost if you do not have your materials at the needed time.

3. Poor Record Keeping

File everything especially things that have to do with finances. Record keeping must be done everyday. You surely will miss something in your list if you do it in an inconsistent way. Record keeping will also let you know exactly where you are in terms of time and dollars against the plan specification.

4. Not Managing The Work Site

Most subcontractors are seeking to cut cost by disregarding a number of regulations and workplace safety items. This is a bad thing of course. Make sure that there is a proper insurance for their area of work.

5. Poor Communication

As home owners are not that familiar with terms being used for renovation, miscommunication can happen along the way. Make sure that when you do not understand things, clarify it, but never loose your confidence in front of your contractors of course.

6. Poor Change Management Control

All changes made during the renovation process must be documented and sign off.

7. Not Keeping Check of the Budget

Watch your budget, as most projects will overrun the initial estimate, make sure to add some percentage of your budget for your contingency plans.

5 Newbie mistakes when hiring home contractors

Homes are a paramount investment hence the continuous need for improvement. However, most newbies in home improvement make several mistakes when hiring home contractors. Remember the secret to having a nicely looking home with everything set out correctly is having the right contractor in place. In this article, we are going to discuss five mistakes almost every newbie makes when hiring a contractor.

1) Choosing the lowest bidder

Well, we all know how important it is to get things done at a bargain price. This can help you save in the short term but remember the lowest bidder might not do a good job in the end. The lowest bidders are always the inexperienced guys trying to make quick money out of your problem. In most cases, this guys are not licensed and lack the proper expertise to make good home repairs. Go for guys who charge fairly but not the cheapest in the market. Cheap contractors always use poor materials and lack proper equipment hence the low bids.

2) Not checking for references

Do not pick contractors by just looking at their websites. Go the extra mile to make references to their previous clients and the work they have done. This will give you an idea of how good or bad they are at what they do. Most contractors will appear appealing on their websites but might not deliver as they promise when it comes to the actual work. Ask friends and relatives who have had work done in their homes the type of contractor that worked for them.

3) Hiring contractor who are not licensed

The cost of liability insurance and contractor bonds have made most contractors to opt away from licensing their companies. Such contractors usually charge lower prices to attract more clients. However, in the case of accidents, the homeowners may end up bearing the loss as these contractors are not licensed.

4) Hiring the biggest contractor in the market

The bigger contractor companies might not be the best as it is always the case. Such companies spend a lot of money on marketing convincing people they are the best. Don’t just hire with their marketing skills, do some digging and hire a contractor based on what they can do.

5) Not getting a detailed quote

Don’t just hire based on the quoted materials and time. Request to have a detailed quote as most contractors will always come back with several hidden charges. The cost of the job might double or go beyond what you had initially budgeted.